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“I can’t say it any clearer” Les Winston’s summary of more than 30 radio shows…

Download Show #44 MP3 with Michael Minn

Download Show #43 MP3 with Jack Thompson

Download Show #42 MP3 with Michael Grant

Download Show #41 MP3 Anonymous guest regarding Foreclosure

Download Show #40 MP3 with Richard Hettler and Eliot Bernstein

Download Show #39 MP3 with Bob Bertrand and Ron Bibace

Download Show #38 MP3 with Eliot Bernstein and the Disbar the Florida Bar song

Download Show #37 MP3 with Jim Lewis, candidate for Florida Attorney General and Nancy Grant

Download Show #36 MP3 with Francis Knize

Download Show #35 WAV with John Margetis, Peter Lindgren and David Aronberg, candidate for Florida Attorney General

Download Show #34 WAV with Carol Castagnero and Holly Benson

Download Show #33 MP3 with Jack Thompson and Jim Lewis, candidate for Florida Attorney General

Download Show #32 MP3 with Don Stone

Download Show #31 MP3 with Trace Lanson and Neil Gillespie

Download Show #30 WAV with William Trudelle

Download Show #29 WAV with Robert Frankel and Gabe Kaimowitz

Download Show #28 MP3 with Robert Sarhan, David Johnson, Charles Mersh, Angela Woodhull, Mark Adams, and Larry Benson

Download Show #27 MP3 with Eliot Bernstein
Download Show #26 MP3 with Eliot Bernstein
Download Show #25 MP3 Jack Thompson update
Download Show #24 MP3 with Nancy Grant
Download Show #23 MP3 with Eliot Bernstein
Download Show #22 MP3 with Jerry Melvin
Download Show #21 MP3 with Crystal Morgan, Les Winston’s story and interview with Joseph Little, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Florida Levin Law School.
Download Show #20 MP3 with Anthony Baratta
Download Show #19 MP3 with John Good and Anthony Barrata
Download Show #18 MP3 with Larry Benson
Download Show #17 MP3 with Angela Woodhull
Download Show #16 MP3 with Bill Corbin
Download Show #15 MP3 with Mark A. Adams and Bob Hurt
Download Show #14 MP3 with Mark A. Adams
Download Show #13 MP3 with Montgomery Sibley and Josie Perez
Download Show #12 MP3 wth Karen Huffer, author of Legal Abuse Syndrome

Download Show #11 MP3 with Meryl Lanson
Download Show #10 MP3 with Meryl Lanson
Download Show #9 MP3 with Meryl Lanson
Download Show #8 MP3 with Patrick Neptune And Meryl Lanson
Download Show #7 MP3 with Laser Haas
Download Show #6 MP3 with David Johnson, Bob Sherin & Bill Gellin
Download Show #5 MP3 with Nancy Grant
Download Show #4 MP3 with Sumner Scott
Download Show #3 MP3 with Jack Thompson
Download Show #2 MP3 with Jack Thompson
Download Show #1 MP3 with Jack Thompson


  1. found your past/current radio station. Had my daughter kidnapped under the table, leaving no paper trail. wife ran off with power lawyer, who became her husband. I was a pilot visiting to fly for So. Jersey Airline, flying under the Teamsters Union. (267) 770-4139

  2. Raimundo Couret, CLU says:

    Dear Mr. Winston:

    I wonder why my comments caznnot be downoaded. May the reason be that there has been a complaint against me because in my last comment I dared to target the “sacred cows” or so-called untouchables?

    To make it worse, said allegation was properly substantiated with a document that should have become public record long ago. Disgracefully,however, white-collar crime has multipiplied so much because the black sheeep of the Bars get away with all of the wrongdoing in which thay impunitly incur in order to protect the backs of their immoral peers.

    If this is the case, I would like to receive copy of the supposed complait targetting the publication of my comments.

    No one has been or will be able to point out a single lie, exaggeration, misrepresentation or caluimny in any of my contributions to “Disbar the Florida Bar”. Therefore my FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION may have been coerced by internet server, probably due to political interests and traffic of influences. What can I do to obtain copy of any complaint against this contributor of Disbar the Florida Bar? The last contribution I sent you denounced maneuvers by someoene in the Office of the South Florida State Attorney for MiaMI-Dade County to get two attorneys off the hook of the Criminal Justice System, even if their infringements are of the federal nature. Obstruction of Justice? Whay is it that the South Florida Sate Attorney for Miami-Dade County appears to refuse investigation of irregularities in her office?

  3. Pete McManus says:

    Need Info on testifying before the Fla. Standing Grand Jury against RICO, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizatin practices, Modus Operendi of Terrorist Organizations, in Gainesville Public Housing, et al. Have pictures, Recordings, Affidavits and Statements of witnesses. Will E-mail upon request. Contact with 60 plus Law Firms discovered 2/3 had “conflict of interest”. Other attorneys insisted that I get attorneys “out-side” Gainesville. One lawyer/lyer is repeatedly “referred” by the corrupt Fla. Bar, under 3-4 different phone numbers and names. After taking my Legal Papers, stated he knew John Cherry, Dir. of Gainesville Housing Authority, one of the persons I am suing. Later, upon seeing him, he was extremely hostile. When I asked for my legl file and documents, he lyer/lawyer bold-faced lied, claiming I did not give him the file . . . that he previously claimed he had to read in order to make a decision. He threatened to call the police if I did not leave the waiting room of the law office. I filed suit against GHA, et al, in State and Federal Court. Just before Christmas Defendants offered $30,000.00 to settel a $750,000.00 Damage Lawsuit, demanding that I “include” the Federal Lawsuit with the State. I have a Lawyer representing me on the State Case, and need a Fearless, Honest Attorney on the Federal Lawsuit before I agree to their “Mediation” proposal. Pete McManus (352) 256-1880

  4. Tim says:

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  5. Bree says:

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  6. Mr. Winston,
    All of the crimes and the problems you are reporting here is epidemic and not only in Florida. It is happening in every county of every state. It is Racketeering and it is long past time that someone did something. The Quadrillillion dollar question is WHO AND WHEN????
    Consider renaming your website to Disbar the Bar Associations.
    Ms. Joyce Alison Cappello

  7. Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit Technologies Notifies Governor Charlie Crist of Florida Corruption for 19th Florida Grand Jury at Suggestion of Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum re The Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court Public Office Corruptions, includi
    [...] [...]

  8. [...] for the radio show @ or [...] ~ The Biz 880am regarding Trillion Dollar Fed RICO suit against Florida Bar, FL Supreme Court, Justice Jorge Labarga, Proskauer Rose, Foley & Lardner, Greenberg Traurig

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