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As a Director of Baron’s Stores, Inc., I am responsible for assisting in the wind down following Baron’s liquidated Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Florida Bar, in my opinion, has engaged in criminal activity, which has interfered with my ability to fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities. The alleged criminal activities include a breach of the following:

  1. Honest Services
  2. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
  3. Racketeering
  4. Mail Fraud, and
  5. Sherman Anti Trust

The Florida Bar is a mandatory organization of all lawyers who are licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state. John Harkness, Esq., is the Executive Director of The Florida Bar. Mr. Harkness’ core function is to oversee the prosecution of unethical lawyers. Mr. Harkness’ responsibilities conflict with his position as a Director on the Board of The Florida Bar’s created malpractice carrier, Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company. As a Director on the Board of the insurance company, Mr. Harkness’ duties include vigorously defending any attorney accused of ethical violations and legal malpractice, who are insured by FLMIC. Yet, Mr. Harkness has held these conflicted dual positions for more than a decade.

Earlier this year, I penned an OpEd piece for the South Florida Sun-Sentineloutlining what I had learned about the Florida Bar. The response from the community was overwhelming and immediate. As a result of conversations with Florida lawyers, and insurance professionals, as well as my fiduciary responsibilities in having to deal with the courts, “Disbar The Florida Bar,” was born. This non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation was formed to cause the removal of The Florida Bar as the controlling and regulatory entity for Florida lawyers and to re-create a level playing field for all Florida attorneys and their clients.

I am seeking input from others in the state of Florida who feel that they have been wronged by The Florida Bar. This input will be aired through live interviews on WZAB 880 AM Miami every weekday from 2:00 – 3:00 PM., thru Thursday, May 13, 2010. Call 305-773-5167 to discuss your experiences with the Florida Bar on the air.

The show will also host interviews with candidates vying for State offices, members of the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative branches, as well as Law Professors, Insurance Executives, and other professionals. The objective is to educate the public about issues with The Florida Bar, both as a regulatory agency under The Supreme Court of Florida, and an Association/Union mandating membership in a Right to Work state. If you would like to be interviewed, please click the contact link. We already have numerous attorneys lined up to come forward to tell their story of how The Florida Bar has used the disciplinary process against them while allowing unethical attorneys, insured by FLMIC, to go unpunished.

Hopefully, with enhanced public awareness, attorneys and elected officials will act to remove The Florida Bar and The Florida Bar’s connections from power.

As a 501(c)(4) entity, your support will not be tax deductible as a charitable donation. It will, however, be private information. Your support for this project is needed and greatly appreciated. Just click this easy support link and help educate Floridians about this very important issue.

Thank you.

Les Winston
President – “Disbar The Florida Bar, Inc.”
11975 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, Florida 33161

Les Winston


  1. Thanks for shaгing уour thoughts about florida.

  2. Yetta Harral says:

    Real nice design and style and wonderful subject matter, very little else we want :D .

  3. abused by lawyer says:

    Holland and Knight Miami office. Lawyer Alex Gonzalez. Over ten years ago had a bar fight hit a person over the head with a bottle. The Florida did nothing and allowed him to keep his license to practice law.
    Alex Gonzalez is a lawyer with ties to a client who trades illegal bonds in Venezuela money laundering many other crimes that he is part of. This slawyer needs to take a drug test and his with needs an Aids test for her protection. His company is very powerful and cover up his crime.

  4. Margaret Depass says:

    Google “Margaret Depass” to see evidence of what I say below. I have experienced corruption from New York and now the case has been brought down here to Miami’s State Attorney’s office. I requested a hearing and the Senior Analyst, Kristen told me there is no one person that works on my case and that they don’t have my hearing request hearing neither does the court. I told her I have my stamped-in copy from the court so this has to be “inside corruption” denying my hearing and now threatening to suspend my drivers license. When I went to personally hand-deliver a stamped-in copy to Kristen the State Atty’s receptionist told me NO ONE by the name exists!! When I went to the court they gave me a print out showing that they do have my hearing request docketed – I’m wondering what other “INSIDE” corruption and favors will be performed on behalf of PACE Law School in White Plains, NY – specifically SOndra Miller,PACE’s Judge-in-residence who is also a partner of my ex-husband’s divorce attys. See my 2 YouTube postings of his hand-written note I call the Corruption Document and the transcript of his court testimony admitting to the corruption!!! They have hidden my son JOshua who is now 6 years old, from me for 2 years – where is the justice??!!

  5. Billy B says:

    You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren?¯t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  6. I just recently heard about Les Winston from Nancy Grant. Now, let me first tell you that I am not the kind of person that gives talks or does videos or would even do the kind of post I do on the www. If what happened to me in my life had never happened, you would most likely never hear anything about me…BUT during my lifetime I have been arrested for things I did not do. And then I was the VICTIM of violent crimes and then I was arrested!!! That’s right. I was arrested. I filed a Police Report the same day and my report was NEVER investigated!! The person that committed the violence against me filed a FAKE CRIME REPORT four (4) days later and I ended up getting arrested!! Then Detective Preston Peavy set out to frame me for these crimes and put me in prison for 25 or 30 years with the help of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department!!! I fought a long and difficult battle and finally after over 50 months, one attempt at trial that ended with felony tampering with evidence…and then another indictment and several more trial calendars…my charges were finally formally dismissed by the State of Georgia. But not before I lost everything…my custom home that I designed and built and virtually everything else I owned…and it killed my dear, sweet and patriotic mother…Nearly five (5) years later, on August 20, 2010 I attended a Hearing on my Amended Motion to Seek Expungement and I won my right to have my record purged. An ORDER was signed by Judge Murphy C. Miller on August 23, 2010 GRANTING the expungement of my false arrest on September 25, 2001, and all fingerprints, booking photos, and everything related to my arrest. Now I must get my case to the appellate court in hopes of getting my case heard before a jury of my peers, which is my right! Search: Kerry Walker Story to read about my Nightmare in Georgia.

  7. Adam Plourde says:

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  8. Markus Eichelman says:

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  9. saIam says:

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  10. H Wilson says:

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  11. Donald Stone says:

    Would catching US DOJ lawyers lying in US Southern District Court of Florida, (federal court) trying to white wash criminal activities as a business dispute qualify for comments on your radio program ?

    I have the court documents as proof.

    It involves the following US DOJ employees:

    1. US Attorney Southern District of Florida (name was floated as possible director of FBI by GW

    2. US Attorney for Maryland

    3. Chief of White Collar Crimes US DOJ Maryland

    4. Assistant US Attorney Maryland

    5. US DOJ attorney Bankruptcy Trustee Program

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