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Disbar The Florida Bar is a 501 (c)(4). 501(c)(4) organizations are corporations operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, the net earnings of which are devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes. Unlike 501(c)(3) organizations, 501(c) (4) organizations may lobby for legislation; they may also participate in political campaigns and elections, as long as campaigning is not the organization’s primary purpose.

Contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations are not deductible as charitable contributions. 501(c)(4) organizations are not required to disclose their donors publicly. This aspect of the law has led to extensive use of the 501(c)(4) provisions for organizations that are actively involved in lobbying.

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Les Winston is a graduate of the University of Miami, and he’s spent his last 40 years improving the way people act in the financial services industry. Though Winston has a diverse background in the financial world, his focus for the better part of the last 25 years has been the philanthropic planning industry. Since 1985, he has been helping people plan their estates and more importantly, plan what money they are going to give to charity out of those estates.

Winston is the host of a radio show called Funny Money, which has been on the air since 1998. It currently runs in the Miami area on 880 The Biz, a local Bloomberg affiliate. On top of his role as a public figure, Winston holds the highest distinction for philanthropic planners. That is the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation, or CAP as it is more appropriately known. Only a few planners around the country have that distinction, and they are all at the top of their profession in terms of helping people plan their retirement dollars.

Les Winston in the studio


  1. Dirk Diggler says:

    Folks, 38% of your legislature are Attorney members of the BAR. Please understand, you and I as living Men and Women are not going to get justice in these State/Federal Courts which are Article I legislative/administrative tribunals.

    They are able to operate outside of the confines of the Constitution because they are holding you to an implied contractual agreement via the 14th Amendment which is an Ecclesiastical Charitable Trust. We are all ASSUMED to be beneficiaries of this implied trust through our ALL CAPITAL NAMES which comes under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia/United States (corporation)via(naturalization laws) under private contract law pursuant to Article I Section 10 of the Constitution.

    You must understand that all Attorneys-At-Law operate as ens-legis corporations and can only re-present other corporations. The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a fictitious ens-legis as well.

    You must properly rebut this presumption to get back on the land/republic and under common law, the law of the land.

    All attorneys in Florida take an Oath to defend the “Law of the Land” If you properly expatriate from the Districts jurisdiction, you can become immune to the legislative, statutory laws being enforced against the CORPORATE FICTION/ALL CAPITAL NAME. Please read the document found in the link below and get educated as to who you are.

  2. Gene says:

    The ultimate frustration….Trying to complain to the Florida Bar.

    10 years ago I filed a complaint. It went to a Referee who recommended disbarment for the attorney. Two years later it finally made it to the Florida Supreme Court where the disbarment order was upheld.

    The attorney was disbarred for (in the words of the court “egreious behavior) representing a client under a disability, making himself a beneficiary to the clients life insurance, quit claiming the clients home over to him self and making himself a co-owner of the clients bank account. When the client sought the assistance of another attorney, and filed a complaint with the bar, this attorney went to the client’s home armed with a gun and was arrested.

    The story was published in the “Miami New Times” under the title “The Last Temptation of George Petrie”.

    It is now 12 years later and this “disbarred” attorney still practices law. He was able to start a new PA, register with the State of Florida as a “for profit” corporation and still uses the title ESQ after his name.

    A complaint filed with the Florida Bar Unlicensed Practice of Law committee resulted in a “form letter” sent to the former attorney. The “form letter” merely asks him to state that he is NOT practicing law and sign the document and return it.

    The Bar doesn’t seem to want to spend any rsources investigating the matter and is content with letting this former Bar member continue to manage a law business by flying under the radar and not appearing in court or affixing his name to any official documents.

    The Florida Sunbiz website shows that he has filed financial reports for over the last ten years under legal services and each of these documents are signed by this individual who states he is the President/Owner and the suffix ESQ follows his hame.

    Disbarred or just temporarily inconvenienced? Perhaps we should all sign ESQ after our names and pretend to be attorney’s in good standing. The Florida Bar will never find out!

  3. Sharon says:

    I filed a complaint against a Tampa attorney. They said they would pursue, then there was a regime change at the Florida Bar. What can I do?

  4. Judy Frankel says:

    I would also like to do a spot on your site about citizens posting on our site. We need to get your Florida voters active in the voting process!

    Contact me at:

  5. RON says:

    I want to make a complaint against a broward county judge, where would i go to do this? Please help

  6. Ray says:

    Just read the titles of two of my three expositions and then analyze why and how:

    A: “Allowing the Bar to regulate itself is like entrusting the Wolf with the safety of the
    Sheep or the Fox with the security of the Poutry”.
    B: “Plain truth is made of cork because it always comes afloat…if set free.

    My testimony represents a classical case of corruption and traffic of influeces within different government agencies. In this specific case:

    1: The Florida Bar
    2: The Bureau of Insurance Consumes of the Florida Department of Financial Services.

    Why can’t problems be resolved? Because people are either unconcerned or afraid of the “untouchables” or “sacred cows”.

    Although the Bar is supposed to project an image of decorum to all Floridians, they often fail to do so. Being The Bar a branch of the State Supreme Court, their Counsels are supposed to protect the people of Florida. Desgracefully, however, they have given signals of being a sect whose members are compelled [by a non-written "Code of Ethics"] to protect the backs of one another, regardless of moral principles. Otherwise, they may be in disgrace.

    Although most of the attorneys I know are first-class professionals, the black sheep perceive that their licenses are letters of marque guaranteeing absolute impunity to the self designated corsairs of the 20th and 21st centuries…

    And I solemnly evoke the First Amendment of our Constitution to expose my concern for the preservation of individual freedom, in spite of the fact that our democracy is degenerating into a chocking technocracy. Yes, we may have the very best laws in the History of Humanity, but the disgraceful situation is the fact that prevaricating lawyers and regulatory agencies often make them inoperative… AND YOU, DEAR READER, MAY BECOME THE NEXT VICTIM.

  7. In response to Neptune and the entire Disbar the Florida Bar Project

    “There needs to be a statute created for ethical control over magistrates.”

    Yes there needs to be a statute, the right to statute will only be available with grass roots activism, it has to come from the people up, not from the politicians down. The only way we can do this is to follow the steps of the agrarian revolt in North Dakota at the turn of the 19th century. I am attempting to disclose these steps at my website, please join the mission for permanent ballot access. Now with cell phones and the internet, we can create a civil revolution that goes beyond what the North Dakota’s could even do when they used the recall process to hold politicians accountable to pass a bill that allowed for voter initiatives. From that point, they put on 7 initiatives for the peoples best interests and they all passes. They however did not keep long term stable organization due to the lack of telecommunications that we now have today. We the People can rise again, taking back states rights, with permanent ballot access, put any of these important initiatives on the ballot; Jail4Judges ( to remove lawyers from judicial branch) Justice2Jesus ( to allow right to local statutes) and more…

    We could go a step further and create an initiative for a state bank like North Dakota.

    We could legalize industrial hemp ourselves, and more…

    There is a purpose to the initiative process, unless we use it, we will always be dependent on politicians. When they can not perform, we must take the responsibility ourselves.

    3 to the 13th power is over 1 million people! Lets create a de-centralized civil revolution in 13 weeks! Do you know 3 people who care about these issues affecting civil rights, the economy and the environment? If so, join the network! I’m building this program from scratch. I have a website and some youtube videos. We don’t need much, just for your participation in outreach. We can reach a critical mass and put recalls and initiatives on the ballot effortlessly, outsourcing the cost of ballot access with the strength of our numbers.

    Reform of the courts in number one, all else will follow with a ballot access network.

    Go to an join the forum!

    I will call in to the show at some point to promote this method of achieving the goals of the disbar the Florida bar project. I have 8 years of political activism, I’m a political scientist by trade, I feel like I have broken the matrix but we can’t create the reality we all want with out all of our participation together. Let’s make history with a 21st century populous ballot access network to create the 4th system of checks and balances!

    We need to look no further than ourselves for our leaders. We are in the 11th hour. Now is the time to act.

    It’s free to participate, educate, and motivate, all else will follow, so it is.


  8. Hello,
    Please contact me, I have information published in a Switzerland newspaper that will support your position.
    Joyce Cappello

  9. Richard says:

    You only know part of the Story!!

    I have been Bushwaked by the Florida Bar Examiners of the Florida Supreme Court. They kept failing me on the BAR exam. I challenged their accountability of the Bar application scores. They could not verify or certify that the scores were correct or legal.

    I have done lots of research in the last ten years and found out that 25,000 bar applicants across the United States are told that they failed the Bar. ( thats a lot of money for the state). Everyone is afraid to challenge the Bar for fear that they won’t let them practice. But the time to act is now! I guess the first Tea Party didn’t do the job!, and neither is the second one!!
    The Supreme Courts of all the states are involved in Organized Crime. Even the United States Supreme Court is the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

    The U.S. Constitution States that the Supreme Court shall not operate in divisions. So do the State Constitutions: The State Court Supreme Courts shall not operate in Divisions. But that is just what they are doing. This is nothing less than Organized Crime.

    we are at the Mercy of the Judicial System!!, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone interested in fixing the problem.

    Please join our fight to correct this injustice!

    Sign up today to volunteer or help in whatever way you know how.





  10. Red Bull says:

    When is the FL BAR going to take action against HENRY HANDLER, HOWARD WEISS & CAROL KARTAGENER of Weiss Handler Et al, — PERJURY FRAUD OVERBILLING MISREPRESENTATIONS to the Tribunial!! These are CRIMINALS – DIRTY and CORRUPT…. CONFLICTS and NON DISCLOUSRE with JUDGES on the 15th Judicial…. As in Judges Martin Colin, Kenneth Stern, Diana Lewis, Charles Burton, Peter Blanc, Kathleen Kroll as so on! CASE FIXING AND CORRUPTION BY HANDLER AND THESE NAMED JUDGES! See the BAEZ decision – 4th DCA — Directs Colin to Disclose. Colin is also a IRS TAX CHEAT… Lien Filed… Home in forclousure — Look at the Kasman v. Kasman case – Nolan v. Nolan for starters.. WHERE IS THE FL BAR??? Former Judge Berger NOW empoyed by Handler — Was Rothstein’s PBC “BAG MAN” — Berger gave $$$ to Judge Diana Lewis from ROTHSTEIN!!! JQC??? Where are you??? How many cases did Weiss Handler et al., have before Berger WITHOUT proper disclousure to Counsel???? HUNDREDS!!!! CORRUPTION COUNTY — PALM BEACH…………..

  11. Nieves R. says:

    How do you do it? awesome SERP ranking of your website, Google pointed me directly to your site and what I found here is awesome, thanks guys.

  12. webman says:

    Hi, really love the look of your blog. Would you mind telling me what theme you are using? I’m new to this and I’d like to get mine looking anywhere near as cool as yours. Thanks a lot.

  13. Rosen says:

    Your site looks wonderful, I can tell how much time you have put into it. I am going to save it and will make sure to check often.

  14. D Harrity says:

    I totally agree. That was a great post. Your site is very clean and easy to read too!

  15. Nice post! Political Advertisement approved by Paul J.Ackerman candidate for Seminole County School Board

  16. Colormebroke says:

    If you file anything against a Magistrate you havt to file the Complaint with the JQC against the Adminsitrative Judge in your case. He/She is the one in charge over the Magistrate’s. File against him/her for faiure to follow the Florida Rules of Court; Violations of judicial/prosecutorial misconduct under Federal Rule 11 and be sure, to attach a sined Affidavit which verifies tyour complaint. The other blog about lawyer self-regulation. We have not been better off from de-regulation of any kind.. Have we.

    The Rev.

  17. Colormebroke says:

    A member in good standing only means the lawyer dues have been paid to date, and that’s all that means…

    The Rev.

  18. Ronnie Safreed says:

    I have read these comments and Im shocked, saddened but also angry. I remember reading a book years ago “Im Going To Bury You” by Gene Neil who was an attorney in Miami back in the 60s.They were letting the criminals go scott free and were corrupt to the core. I would guess that it is a lot more worse than 40-50 years ago. This is what you also have in a totalitarian society. It seems that at one time that this country had one of the most ethical and stable criminal justice systems in the world, one of the things that made this country great. I guess now that it is going the way of communist, also 3rd and 4th world justice systems. Welcome to the new “globalism” in the area of criminal justice. These lawyers and judges are like the unjust judge in the Bible that had no fear of God or respect for his fellow man. I bet you that these lawyers are not any type of religious or spiritual type of people. They are most likely atheist/agnostic, that are narcistic, thinking only about themselves. I would not trust them even in my own house-they would steal the pocket change from a sleeping bum on the street eventhough they all have lots of money. These lawyers and judges are taking America down but they think they are going to be immune to the fall that is soon to happen. The day will come that they will be hungry and there is no food in the store, and their resturants and bars/nightclubs are closed. They will turn on the tap and either no water comes out or the water is dirty/contaminated. The electricity is off and does not come back on. Their line and cell phones do not work and in anger they fling their cell phones against the wall Of coarse there is no work for them for the system is totally collapsed and now their wealth is worthless. When this day comes I fear them more than the folk in the ghetto. These unethical lawyers and judges will turn into gansters/criminal hoods that will make the gangsters of the 30s look like “choir boys”, and they will become a total absolute law of themselves killing and stealing from anyone to survive when the “total collapse” comes. Of coarse some will commit suicide for they will not be able to take it but it is the others who will not go that route, but will kill anybody for a peice of bread. Funny these people probably dont want the average blue-collar guy to have guns but I bet anyone that these evil judges/lawyers are armed to the tee, and this is a well trained and equipped army that no one is talking about. Iam 54 years of age and have worked hard all my life but have never lived the “American dream” but I can blame government regulation for much of this, yes thanks to unethical evil lawyers. They are rich and Godless and they look at the average guy on the street, and say”communism/socialism is good for you please forget capitalism”.

  19. HELD HARMLESS . com says:

    …one of our Membership Support Team Members saw your ad on TV today. It is encouraging to see someone standing-up for the same cause as HELD HARMLESS.

    Keep up the good work! We support you!


    Kent Roland, Senior Manager
    Tech Support

  20. Shelly says:

    Our Uncle and Aunt were taken for every penny they had by a 50 year old Florida Lawyer who convinced them to adopt him and then convinced them to change the will and hand over all financial control to him. Then he cut off the rest of the family and turned off their phone line. The family is mostly up in Canada and a few in other states. Two different American family members tried to have this lawyer disbarred but the judge ruled that our uncle was of sound mind. Our Aunt was of sound mind and she begged her sister to do something but she died soon after. Our uncle was not of sound mind and has now passed away (date unknown). The lawyer did not notify anyone in the family of their passing and got the hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, a condo and a home in Florida. He won’t even return our calls for more information or to send us family pictures and a guitar that has sentimental value.
    We are disgusted that the elderly are prey to these lawyers. This certain lawyer sits as a judge as well and I heard he has been investigated on 4 other occasions. A social worker told me last year that, though unethical…what he did is legal! BEWARE if you have elderly family living in Florida!!!! Don’t expect the law to keep them from being taken advantage of.

  21. HI, saw your commercial, i will eblast it out on the net. Not sure what you want to do, i shall let everyone know.. I wrote up several attorneys to the bar, actually, my daughter’s public pretenders, who by no fault of my kid, surrendered the rights of her kids. Why, because three public pretenders refused to fight her case. I tell you, that agency needs to be eliminated, abolished, they are so bold now, they outright can tell you, that they will not fight your case. Or you come like Aileen Hersher here in Miami “Eleventh Judicial” and order my kid to surrender. Said after fifteen years of experience, she knew my daughter was going to lose her right, i asked based on what. No answer, of course, based on her, judge, DCF attorney, Lawyers of America, attorney at litem, all of them are paid by the same federal dollars. Well, wrote to FL Bar, on three of them, called six months later, they said all three were in good standing. I asked how, if i wrote up major violations on them. You are suppose to allow people to know that complaints were filed on them via your program. That is what it states that it does. I asked the person in charge of the program. He said if i didn’t like it, to appeal the decision. I said it’s not the decision, its the fact that you are receiving complaints on attorneys and you are telling people that they are in good standing. Which is a lie. I also have a radio show on where kids are taken for federal funding like my grandkids were taken from me and now up for adoption, i want people to know what our courts and their attorneys are doing in partnership. I also am holding a National Forum On Judicial Accountability in May, hope to see our community with us.

  22. I hope you call me to your show as i would just like to talk about how these attorneys who are taken retainer fees, if people knew this meant gift. That they still have to pay by the hour after wards, and how after they take your money, do nothing for you in court. The public defenders are worse. Who would use them.

  23. You have a florida bar that takes in complaints yet they do nothing, and they are the ones who will decide if the public defenders are actually in ethical violation and they also are untruthful when clients call in to verify an attorney’s standing they state that they are in good standing when numerous complaints are received against these attorneys. There is no regulation and no consequences for these attorneys yet, they reprimand hired attorneys for standing up for families. If we talk about these issues, we should speak about these issues in all phases of court actions not just the ones that you feel important to your cause but for everyone affected.

  24. LE says:

    I will spread the word far and wide about this effort.

  25. Pat Neptune (Neptune, last planet in solar system) says:

    Mr. Winston!! Thank You for your contribution!! attorney’s regulating themselves is CONFLICT of INTEREST. I have filed several complaints against a father and son team of lawyers. Each time, with proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that these individuals violated the cannon of ethics, they were cleared of wrong doing. Also, on another matter, the judicial qualification commission, has no ethical control over magistrates. I filed a ethics complaint against broward county magistrate philip schlissel, who was a hearing officer in family court, while owing his ex, who is a broward county judge, thousands of dollars in back child support. My daughter is 26 years of age, and he ordered reestablishment of child support, and ordering back support to the date that the state of florida filed their case against me. The case is on appeal to the 4th District Court of Appeal.
    I can be reached at 954 661-7387. The # is only good on Planet Earth!!
    There needs to be a statute created for ethical control over magistrates.

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