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“I can’t say it any clearer” Les Winston’s summary of more than 30 radio shows…

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  1. Its not easy to be a pro-se litigant, it would be nice to have a lawyer.

  2. Hello. I am here in Pennsylvania, where I do not get that channel, your taking about. But, I have been years as a Pro-Se litignat about my 3 year old, who was kidnapped under the table at Cape May Courthouse leaving no paper trail. I was visiting South Jersey to pilot for their commuter airline, having to fly under the Teamsters Union. I had to call for help with an careless, abuse mother & wife, while I was the sole care-taker of this child. My wife ran off with this power lawyer, who became her husband. Much more to this, but anyway you look at this, it a kidnapping. (267) 770-4139

  3. Angela V. Woodhull says:

    About two months ago, I went down to the basement to look at the hard copy of my file. Lo and behold, in Volume 9, there was a six page memorandum of law composed by Attorney Amy Tully who, at that time, was working as internet counsel for the Eighth Judicial Circuit here in Alachua county. In that six page memorandum of law, Tully specifically told Judge Victor Hulslander that he should NOT award attorneys’ fees in the amount of $160,000.00 to Attorney (aka “Reverend”) Anthony M. Nardella, Jr., and Kevin P. Robinson and she had this six pages of case law to state why these attorneys’ fees should not be granted. Judge Victor Hulslander had posted a Post It note on the memorandum of law stating, “Tami– HOLD
    these — do not file them in the court file — give them to me before the FALVO hearing. ~VH” Hulslander had also red stamped onto this memorandum “DO NOT FILE IN THE COURT RECORD.” Lo and behold, there just happened to be a second copy of this secret memorandum of law that was unstamped, so I asked the clerk in the basement to make a copy of it for me and to certify it, which she did. I then filed it into the public court record of the case and asked for a Motion for Reconsideration on this $160,000.00 that this unscrupulous judge had awarded while going against the advice and case law of his own internal counsel. How can I get you a copy of it?
    I have it on pdf but I don’t see where to attached a pdf on your website. Everyone needs to read this document as further evidence of most egregious court corruption. It turns out that this judge, Victor Hulslander, also has a corporation called Starfire Invesments and he is the head of it and it is housed in the office of a probate attorney and when I called the probate attorney’s secretary, she had never even heard of Starfire Investments, so what is Hulslander doing with his Starfire Investments corporation that is located in an office that the secretary has never even heard of? Anyone with similar experiences is invited to phone me.
    Judge Victor Hulslander is operating under color of law.

    Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.
    (352) 327-3665

  4. Glen Gibellina says:

    May, 14, 2012

    Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
    Honorable Judge Debra Johnes Riva
    Sarasota Justice Center
    2971 Ringling Blvd.
    Sarasota, FL. 34237

    Re: FLAG meeting May 11, 2012

    Dear Judge Riva,
    Thank you for your time and consideration in the last FLAG meeting on Friday. Many points of interest were discussed and new ideas were proposed.

    As I have voiced my opinion concerning the current Family Courts hopefully you can understand my frustration within the current system. Some of the key points that you should be aware of and should be in place and are not.

    That the “family unit” should be always come first above and beyond any unnecessary interference by the courts (government) as stated in the constitution that many Family Judges have routinely ignored to the detriment of families.

    What civilized society would keep a loving father from his 10 year old daughter for over 2 years, this is an unconscionable act would not be tolerated by any civil human being yet goes on within the Family court system today. Two years, not a lunch, a field trip, a birthday, holiday, a simple phone call to my daughter to say “I love you” along with the rest of my family not having access to my child. I assure you PAS is alive and well in my case and the further destruction of my bond with my only child continues to this day.

    The Family court has destroyed my relationship with my only child and daughter under the guise of “the best interest of the child” 10 years 4500 pages 735 docket entries Case 2002DR3254. My reward for 10 years of effort NO CONTACT. This is a death sentence for Parents in Family Court, yet this court allows it to continue. Testimony with aberrant ‘facts’ fabricated by court-appointed professionals, twisted to fit the aberrant diagnoses that these court professionals relied on to perpetuate uncertainty, prolong their ‘professional’ client-patient relationships, by court order, enabling them to bill thousands of dollars. Repeated over and over, the myths, distortions and outright lies made their way into the court’s final decision. But no one used such baseless myths and outrageous fabrications against me so damnably as attorney Angela Tobaygo and Parenting Adviser Jane Green in Magistrate Susan Maulucci destructive decision and court order that stands to this day.

    No crime has been committed, no abuse has ever been done, yet this injustice continues to this day under the leadership of the current administration.

    What alarms me the most is that over the years not one, Judge, Attorney, LSCW or parenting coordinator has ever come forward and asked what are we doing to this relationship and why such a punishment for having beer on my breath 3 years ago. (FYI I picked up my 3 year chip on 4-11).

    Fact is criminals sitting in the port have more parental rights than I do, something is inherently wrong with this picture. Criminals convicted of rape, armed robbery, assault, prostitution, drugs and more all have more access to visitation from there child, phone calls and letters as well, I currently have none of that under the current destructive court order now in place.

    I will continue to fight for my parental rights and for others that have similar situations like mine within the 12th. It’s time to change for “the best interest of the child”

    One day my beautiful daughter will come to realize what the courts have done to our relationship and that her “daddy” never gave up on her, and never will.

    I have begged, pleaded, and have done everything humanly possible to see my daughter only to be bullied by opposing attorney, Judges and others in this case.

    I will not go quietly, I will not give up, I will not retreat and I will never, never surrender on the rights to have a loving, caring relationship with my daughter.

    In the Word

    Glen Gibellina
    P O Box 1772
    Tallevast, FL. 34270

    “To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.”

    Pope John Paul II quotes

  5. Judy Frankel says:

    Dear Congressional Candidate,

    Whether you have won your primary or not, urges you to STAY IN THE RACE! We NEED you to run as a (write-in) candidate under the Pledge for Honest Candidates campaign because we continue to make progress promoting campaign finance reform as THE mandate that voters will insist upon this year!
    The write-in vote is crucial to remove the career politicians because PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH THE INCUMBENTS and their poor performance and out-of-touch response to Americans’ anger about the debt crisis. If you are not the forerunner in your party, then you can still win when you run on the Pledge if your competitor has not signed it!
    Let us help you, the underdog, the underappreciated, the unknown, the under-funded by posting here:
    Thank you for staying with us so we can campaign for you!

    Judy Frankel

  6. Alex Sokolow says:

    Dear Winston For Congress,

    Perhaps you can win this and future elections by adopting the following policy:
    First, have the US government partner with experts to show rainforest landowners and their countries how to harvest the rainforests more sustainably. (It is true that cutting down rainforest for timber yields $400 per acre; but if sustainable resources are harvested, the land will yield $2,000 more. See If we divide this between our government, the experts, the landowners, and the landowners’ governments, each will make $500 an acre. With 2.8 billion acres of world rainforests, this should amount to $1.4 trillion a year. This would eliminate the deficit—and if combined with some deficit reduction measures, e.g. those of Senator Coburn, it could eliminate the national debt.
    Subsistence farmers need to break free of the need to continually clear rainforest. Something called Inga alley cropping is discussed at Once farmers learn this, they can pass it on to their neighbors for next to nothing.
    As for the need to cut down trees for firewood, an organization known as Solar Cookers International obviates such need for probably only $5 a person.
    Some of the world’s lumber companies may of course need assistance in learning sound practices of selectivity without clear-cutting, but we could make that knowledge available for a fee.


    Alexander M. Sokolow

  7. Raimundo Couret, CLU says:


    October 21, 2011

    Katherinne Fernandedz Rundle
    South Florda State Attorney
    1350 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 22136


    Dear State Attorney:

    For the sake of true justice I respectfuilly call your attention about apparent irregularities in the Agency under your Administration. Said scandalous issue, as it can be expected, may reflect on your immaculate image as our State Attorney as well as on the public perception of the Candidate for re-election that I trust you will be next year.

    My worries consist of serious doubts about perceptible wrongdoings by your Subordinates who appear to have been influenced by a farfetched concept of distorted ethics of the Bar’s Black Sheep who take their licenses as if they were letters of marque guaranteeing absolute impuiniy to the self appointed corsairs of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

    Disregarding the unequivocal proofs of flagrant violations of my most intrinsic civil rights under the US Constitution, Investigator Solano may have prevaricated with the intention of covering the backs of at least two attorneys who have knowingly incurred and re-incurred in criminal activities by victimizing this Complainant by viciously violating the Wanton Act.

    To aggravate his prevarication, Mr. Solano (or Somoano) returned the whole original Complaint Package to me and failed to include a cover letter stating the reason(s), and failed to inform me IN WRITING where copies of the File had been forwarded for a suppposed further investigation.

    Although Mr. Somoano (or solano) had left a recorded message stating that he was forwarding the File to the Florida Department of Financial Service, he perfectly knew (or should have known) that the Florida Department of Financial Services would give nobody any information without a Reference Number. Just plain negligence or abuse of office?

    In spite of the fact that your assistan(s) neglected to open the due investigation for criminal activities typified by false accusations of at least six acts of felony (against me) while Attorneys Felipe E. Diez and Scott E. Danner engaged in verifiable tainting of evidences, coverup, concealment and misrepresemtation, extorting practices, coercion, and defamation of my character (both by slander and libel), corruption and traffice of influences may have targetted the Office of the South Florida State Attorney as well.

    Regardless of the proofs contained in my original charges, your Office got rid of the Complaint File without any written explanation(s) and openly refused to investigate transgressions. Why? Where is the image of decoruim that every agent of the Justice System ought to project to all Floeridians? Again, are attorney’s licenses letters or marquie? How long are the arms of predatory insurance carriers and unscrupulouis attorneys? What limits, if any at all, do they respect?

    Please kindly correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that the supposed action of forwarding my Complaint to another proseciting or regulatory agency is reason enough to assign it a File Number at least for identification purposes. Further, the supposed forwarding to another State Agemcy should have included the original documenmts signed and certified by Complainant. Therefore I ask:
    * Unconcern for duties, undetected prevarication, or traffic of influences?
    * Does our Justice System recognize “sacred cows” or untouchables?
    * Are legitimate complaints from average citizens worthless whenever they touch the autodesignated “corsairs”?
    * As a law-abiding citizen, What can I expect from the Office of the South Florida State Attorney?
    * Should the File be elevated to the federal level, too? Back to Wanton Negligence.

    Based on above posed questions, I wonder whether the exposed maneuiver has been calcilated to deceive a [non-lawyer] complainant who your apparently prevaricating assistants may have taken as an ignorant easy prey of the supposed sacred cows…

    Trusting that you may want to open an internal investigation within your office and will pursue Justice by correcting and re-addressing the issues in my File, I respectfully remain very truthfully yours.

    Raimundo Couret

  8. Emmet says:

    The Florida Bar is known for this. The class of 2005 at Nova Southeastern University law school put hidden web cameras in the home of a fellow student and of a professor, broke into cars, broke into professorss’ and students’ computers, left people severely mentally unwell due to this, and the Bar–as well as the school–pretends it didn’t happen. There are Florida lawyers, including lawyers who worked as state prosecutors and in other government jobs, who have been involved in these criminal activities, and no one is doing anything about this. There is a victim who nearly lost her life, and some people believe that some victims are in danger as the criminals are afraid of this getting out. There’s a website with audio of the lawyers discussing this at if anyone is interested.

  9. Raimundo Couret, CLU says:


    Being the Florida Bar a branch of the State Supreme Court, their main duty should consist of caring for the integrity of the American Justice System. As Less Winston often states (using different words), the Bar has become a Private Club or a Secret Lodge (or Underworld Organization) whose members have been sworn in to cover the backs of one another, no matter what and no matter if.

    This intimidating practice ties the hands of fearful victims as well as those of so-many ethical lawyers fearing Disgrace. Further, it appears to be the mandatory stop sign to make victims refrain from exposing public corruption at all levels. Where are we heading? The answer is very simple: To a tiranny by a self-designated “elite”. Please read “The New Class” by Milovan Djilas”. You can find it in the Internet. Then, Refer to my previous contributions to “DISBAR THE FLORIDA BAR”.

    Being the South Florida State Attorney one of the most popular regional state attorneys in the Country, she has disregarded complaints for apparently undetected traffic of influences in her Office. Why? Because two members of TFB are involved in criminal activities targeting this Complainant. They are Felipe Enrique Diez of Miami, and his attorney Scott E. Danner of Fort Lauderdale.

    The strategy followed by Katherine Fernandez-Rundle’s Assistants is obviouly intended to prevent that their collegues be investigated and prosecuted accordingly.
    To accomplish their goal, said Assistants dissapeared a well documented Complaint File that had been previously forwarded to the Director of Investigations Ulyses Martinez.

    Unequivocal proofs in File corroborate the fact that my Complaint does exist and that Ms. Fernandez-Rundle is perfectly aware of the shameful situation. Is she supposed to care for the intrinsic rights of victimized citizens and the honor of the Justice System, or to cover the backs of her peers?

    Since I feel great respect for the South Florida State Attorney seeking her re-election now, I respectfully give her the benefit of the doubt and wonder whether the apparent prevarication may be wreckless supervision instead. Contradictorily, however, her Office refuses to answer my certified pieces of correspondence calling Ms. Fernandez-Rundle’s attention to the shanmeful and arrogant bahavior of her Assistants. Again: Are their positions letters of marque guaranteeing absolute impunity to the self-appointed corsairs of the 20th and 21st Conturies? Does our Justice System recognize “Sacred Cows” or “untouchables”? If so, Why?


    Since I still give Ms. Fernandez-Rundle

  10. Accountability is of paramount importance when you are influencing the masses.
    Not one organisation in the world has more Fiduciary Duty than another. They all stand in a fiduciary relationship to the people whom they have been elected or appointed to serve. 42 Am. Jur., Public Officers, § 8, p. 885; 43 Id. § 260, p. 77-78; 67 C.J.S., Officers, § 6, p. 118. As fiduciaries and trustees of the public weal they are under an inescapable obligation to serve the public with the highest [***54] fidelity. In discharging the duties of their office they are required to display such intelligence and skill as they are capable of, to be diligent [*475] and conscientious, to exercise their discretion not arbitrarily but reasonably, and above all to display good faith, honesty and integrity. 43 Am. Jur., Public Officers, § 291, p. 101.


    Disgracerfully for The Florida Justicer System, however, at least in my specific Case an ACAP Counsel nemed William Wilhelm and Miami’s UPL Counsel Jacquelyn P. Needelman have prevaricated by attempting to hide the verifiable truth in the bottom of a dark cave.

    Their goal? to throuw the towel for two lawyers in spite of documented prrofs of their straight lies to TFB and of repeated scandalous violations of several provisions clearly detailed under Chapter Four of the Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

    Said transgressions inculude but are not limited to tainting of evidences by editing or failing to correct a defective and deflective “transcript” of an EUO in which Attorney SCott E. Danner and his Client openly accuse me of at least six acts of felony. I will make criminal charges for Wanton Negligence, hoping that State Attorney Catherine Fernadez Randall will investigate and prosecute the subjects engaged in such a criminal activity.

    Ms. Needelman prefectly knows (or should know) that the production of the authentic transcript together with the stenographic version and the copy of the recording in my own voice and that of Mr. Scott E. Danner and Felipe E. Diez’s Client would quash fabricated allegations far beyond the slightest shadow or a doubt.

    However, it so far it appears that nobody wants to touch those individuals who believe that they enjoy absolute impunity because their attorney licenses, they think, are the letters of marque protecting the corsairs of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Just after I asked of Ms. Needelman to reopen the files arbitrarily closed by her when she refused to go ahead with her “sacred” duty to complete her “investigation” by exercising her power of subpoena to demand the material evidences described in the previous paragraph, she bluntly answered: “I never received any transcript and did not need to view a transcript…”accordingly, the file remains closed”.

    In my non-expert opinion, failure to subpoena said key materials may be a maneuver intended to refuse completion of the “investigation”. Firstly because in the Bar’s Case, it has to do with my allegations of UPL against prevaricating adjusters and not with my dispute with the Insurer. Secondly, because even in the tainted transcript there are evidences of UPL.

    In the Case of ACAP Counsel William Wilhelm, he refused to complete the supposed investigation agaiunst Attorney Felipe E. Diez. Plenty of correspondence in File may prove it.

    Mr. Wilhelm gave a courtesy extention to Mr. Diez as requested by his attorney named Corsemeier who promissed to respond on behalf of Mr. Diez before the new term expired. Instead, however, it was Mr. Diez’s himself who sent a defective response to Mr. Wilhelm.

    The key evidence for my above allegation of apparent corruption and traffic of influences within the Bar consists of the fact that it had been Mr. Wilhelm himself who asked of Mr. Diez to refer to respond based on certain items detailed under Chapter Four of Rules. However, Mr. Diez respopnded: “I did not violate…” But he failed to state on what gronds he based his denial of engaging in complicity to extort me with fabrications and twisting of all relevant facts. Yet, Mr. Wilhelm and his supervisor disregarded my request for re-opening File based on documented proofs presented by this victimized insurance consumer.

    On a Bar’s Letter received today, Ms. Needelman advised me to contact ACAP about my concerns. Since I anticipated her apparently deflective tactic, I had already contacted ACAP. Again, written evidences are so overwhelming that I trust that at least this time ACAP will want to project the image of decorum that all Bar Members should project to Floridians. Anywaty, the File of the predatory insurers (GAINSCO and PROGRESSIVE) is now in the hands of Counsel Heidi Brewer. Since I have the best references about Ms. Brewer, I hope that she will exercise her power of subpoena to demand the production of the legal material to which I am entitled by Law.

    Last but not least, the largest group of victimized consumers in all Fifty States is the one made up by Property and Casualty Insurance Premium Payers while the Past Administration of the Florida Department of Financial Services, then under the direction of Ms. Alex Sink, showed plenty of evidences to justify the due investigation now being conducted by Ms. Tracy J. Corbitt, director of Investigations in the Office of the Inspector General for the FDFS.

    Raimundo Couret, CLU

  12. Raimundo Couret, CLU says:

    Thank you for publishing my comment dated 05/18/2011. Thank you for the note “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

    In contemplation of the fact that the Comment is just the tip of the iceberg, I feel that I have been moderate and unbiased, with the probable exception of certain adverbs and adjectives qualifying arbitrary actions by Regulatory Agencies, including TFB.

    Additionally, I take full resposibility for each one of my allegations because I have all the necessary documentation to prove them in spite of apparent sophism intended to take at-fault lawyers off the hook.

    Please let me know if you would like to expose my Case in your Show, or to use it as part of your uphill struggle. Thank you in advance.

  13. Raimundo Couret, CLU says:


    To prevent a potential retaliation in the form of an “investigation” for Unlicensed Practice of Law” (“UPL”), I hereby state that the following exposition is just a testimony of my own experience with TFB while exercising my right of performing as my own attorney.

    Years ago a predatory insurance carrier accused me of UPL and the Miami Counsel made my life impossible for two years. One night, the President of the Miami Chapter called me up to inform me that the Bar was ready to close the File as long as I agreed to sign a document tacitly admitting guit. Since I refused to let them save the face, I received a citation to appear for an interrogatory.

    I was told that the interrogatory would not last more than ten to fifteen minuts, but since the Panel failed to corner me, it took them two hours to complete the [sometimes] illegal questions. I left the place very proudly because they ended up congratulating me. This is Public Record.

    Concurrently, I had filed a complaint [against predatory insurer] in the Florida Insurance Department (now Florida Deparment of Financial Services), but a prevaricating supervisor of the Department arrogantly refused to investigate my Inquiry targeting an executive from the insurance company. Prevarication, traffic of influences within and between both Agencies, or all of the above?

    In a different case victimizing me now, have never seen a claims adjuster so cornered and so scared that he hires a lawyer to block any communication between Claimant and Adjuster as well as between Insured and Insurer. Neither have I seen an attorney so cornered and scared that he hires a supposed specialist to represent him before the Bar. As I had anticipated, said brilliant attorney closed his File in disgrace while the ACAP Counsel threw the towel for him. Traffic of Influences within the Bar?

    Contradictorily, the very same UPL Counsel has refused to complete the due investigation of well presented and clearly documented allegations of UPL [presented by this victimized insurance consumer] against the CEO and three Adjuster of my own Carrier. Two more adjusters [of the liability carrier] with serious conflicts of interests participate in the conspiracy to extort my [insured] contractual rights. Therefore, I responsibly wonder: Where is Counsel’s supposed dedication to protect the credibility and the image of honor that TFB should project to the People of FLorida?

    The Manager of Special Investigation of my own Insurer openly incurred in acts of UPL and openly engaged in infamous accusations [against me] of at leat four instances of Felony in the Third Degree, but protected by her counselor refuses to produce the recording of the EUO, the stenographic version, and a requested re-certified copy of the original transcript (that has been tainted by her attorney). This is one of the reasons why a Counsel of ACAP currently investigates Insurer’s attorney for violatons of several sections and subsections of Chapter IV of the Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct. The evidences are so overwhelming that I hope that justice will be served in spite of apparent corruption intended to protect lawyers rather than the People of Florida.

    To aggravate his illegal actions, said attorney has dared to engage in additional acts of Wanton Negligence while engaging in Unlicensed Practice of Medicine (“UPM”). The brilliant lawyer elaborated a diagnosis of inexistent pre-existing conditions and a prognosis thereof without showing the supposed clinical history or a scientific opinion certified by a qualified MD. Is he one?

    Making lawyer’s Wanton Negligence more scandalous, he intruded into the specialty of psychiatry by determinig that I am a dangerous, irresponsible, and immature psychopath suffering from a compulsive obsession to “file UNSUBSTANTIATED complaints against EVERYONE whom [I] he comes in contact with”. (EMPHASIS added).

    The documented proofs against said clumsy lawyer are so overwhelming that at least this time I hope that the Counsel will not throw the towel for him as it happened with the previous attorney of my predatory insurer. Scandalous? Yes, but absolutely true and I have supplied substantiated evidences to other State Agencies such as the Inspector General, OIR, and TFB.

    Lastly, I want to sincerely commend CFO Jeff Atwater for ordering the Director of Investigations in the Office of the new Inspector General to review and re-open the File. It had been arbitrarily closed by an assistant of the previous CFO whose document states that said File had been “FORWARDED TO ANOTHER DIVISION WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT FOR FURTHER INVESTIGATION” while her notes mislead the current Director of Investigations in the Office of the new Inspector General to believe that it had been sent to another “STATE AGENCY” instead. Morover, she addamantly refused to provide me with the name of said “other Division within ther Department”. Orders from above? Concealment? Twisting? Prevarication? Cover-up of traffic of influences within the Department and with the Lawyer or an Insurance Company? Here it is extremely crucial to state that I never ever received the due notification that the File had been closed. Consequently, I was deceived by the Department.

    Do we pay our hard-earned tax dollars to pay for the high salaries of a parasitic bureaucracy that justify said salaries just by filing complaints away?
    Does our written law recognize taboo issues, sacred cows, or letters of marque protecting supposed “untouchables”? Are investigations carried only until they reach a point where the public image of sacred cows may be at stake?

  14. Hello Mr. Winston,
    Recent Forensic audits have shown the mortgage securities have earned 93 million dollars on a $500,000.00 securitised mortgage loan.
    We figure a very conservative estimate is at least half that for most alleged loans.
    Latest cases out of Arizona appellate court and an Alabama case Horace vs.La Salle National Bank where the Judge said homeowners became a third party beneficiary to the security gives us plenty of leverage to fight these cases.
    Clear title and million dollar settlements are really letting them off the hook in a very Big Way. Please tell your listeners to keep the faith..there is a remedy, even if they already took the property.
    Ms. Joyce Alison Cappello

  15. I read some of these posts with great distress.

    Nationwide, federal statutes have preempted state family law so we are all one country of parents following the beat of a central federal policy. We are having our “mindset” changed.

    This policy, in order to survive 10th Amendment challenge, could only be implemented with federal dollars paid to the states for “administration” of federal laws. So your local court calculates, orders and venerates each order of support (CSSA), each forced adoption (ASFA), each child protective case (CAPTA) and all the variations thereof.

    In other words, the federal government had so much faith and trust in the state judiciary, they allowed them to write their own blank check for imposition of federal family policy upon you and me. They even gave them immunity against suit under §1983 civil rights statutes. This scheme is in effect across the United States today.

    How this was actually implemented on the ground was a horror. Suddenly, appellate division psychologists were being assigned to ordinary divorces in order to find a parent dysfunctional for visitation and ordered by the court into therapeutic visitation and treatment. Attorneys for children were being assigned in all family cases. Neither the psychologists nor these attorneys had any knowledge of families and children. They were merely working for a living. We were their meal ticket.

    Some of us attorneys fight this Nazi apparatus vigorously so to lump all lawyers into the “bad guy” spotlight is totally unfair.

    So wake up. You didn’t lose your kid because of your ex’s lawyer. You lost your kid because there was a profit in it for the state as ordered by the judge with white collar professionals provided by your appellate divisions. Your appellate division is engaged in the commercial delivery of mental health services, precluding privately retained experts and punishing your private attorneys in order for them to turn coat against you and get you to accept your fate.

    That’s what happened to you. Nothing else.

  16. Tony says:

    You are a blessing! Now I see why people “destroy” corrupt lawyers! You are a god send. Keep up the good work.

    The people are watching! If the judges and lawyers realize it or not…we are watching their every move .

    This is why we need people like you. EXPOSE THEM ALL!

  17. Donna Taylor says:

    My son was at columbine and survived 13 bullets, we expose truth about the shooting , now my son mental ward, and think political prisor. look up columbine family Request. and click mark taylor, on bottom of page, watch film about mark.please help my son. he is inocent, and did nothing but tell truth. they want to kill him. please help I have a attorney helping me , and now another attorney, so have 3 attorney’s that are mad. please help put them on radio. call me Donna Taylor719-963-4410 anytime.

  18. Hi Les, anyone can follow my active bar complaint, all the documents are posted on my website here: Keep up the good work. Take care, Neil Gillespie

  19. tom hoye says:

    what a travity that such injustice is normal business of the day in FL. Alimony reform is fighting also to change this but they are a mighty monolith. David did conquer Golith in the end with God’s help

  20. Richard says:

    I would like to be on your show. My name is Richard E Schatzel. I took the Fl Bar twice. The Bar examiners could not verify or validate the exam scores. Then, no Court would hear the case. Leaving me without a legal remedy and without the ability to practice law. Although I feel the Bar is not a legal entity. I do not want to feel the wrath of the state , like Nancy Grant.
    Call me at 904 866 0659 0r email me at

  21. Christina Sigler says:

    How do we disbar them? My abuser’s lawyer made me write him despite shared parenting orders and having his client cut off all communication with me. I asked the father’s lawyer if he ask his client to take our child having rectal bleeding and pain he reported to me to the doctor, and his reply was financial demands and threats. I reported it to the bar and they said he violated no codes or creeds and any further complaint was inappropriate.

    Also in the report was a list of deceptive practices. How will we disbar them?

  22. Anyone who has experienced the “justice” system knows all courts are corrupt in this country and Canada. Judges are immune, even if corrupt, malicious or incompetent. Parents are losing their children for refusing to destroy their health with vaccines, which are actually bioweapons for depopulation (the evidence for this is massive). Etc., etc., etc.

    Unfortunately citizens are not a party to the Constitution, as explained in Ralph Epperson’s Google video “America’s Secret Destiny”. This fact has been stated in many court decisions, so forget demanding your “constitutional rights”.

    200,000 children go missing in this country every year, and the pedophiles in all levels of government responsible are protected by their brother Masons. Once you enter the rabbit hole, the pure evil you will discover is beyond comprehension. The ONLY thing that will stop it is for humanity to get a backbone and say NO MORE.

    Rebecca Carley, MD
    Court Qualified Expert in Vaccine Induced Diseases,

  23. The most current and most egregious aspect of the illegal control by lawyers of all government is this country’s unique inability among developed countries to provide adeqquate helath coverage to all its citizens.
    The ‘elephant in the room’ preventing any US government from doing so is the fact that by effectively controlling all govt, lawyers have created a legal system in which health care providers must turn to ‘defensive medecine’ in order to protect themselves from devastating and potentially ruinous lawsuits.
    This defensive medecine is highlighted by the need doctors have to order MRI’s instead of prescribing aspirins for headaches. They do it just to make sure that if the patient has a brain tumor, and is too carelss to come back to the doctor if his headache does not go away, they will not face a lawsuit for negligence that could cost them their career, their fortunes and perhaps even their homes and the destruction of their families, which often happens when a person goes broke.
    Moreover, because doctors are forced to lie about defensive medecine,lest confessing bring more lawsuits, the issue lies buried.
    As a result, the cost per capita in the USA of the share of GDP is reportedly 17.5% for coverage of only 85% of our people. The next highest per capita costs are Canada and Germany. They cover everybody at a cost of about 9% of GDP. So we are effectively at least double everybody else. That will never change unitl lawyers are voted out of office or a constitutional amendmetn is passed to prohibit lawyers from running for office outside the judiciary which they now control 100%.
    We are now facing the disastrous consequences of a well meaning but terrible law in Obamacare. That law will probably be overturned. Or if not overturned will produce far worse consequences for most citizens than the existing system. The problem is that the healthcare issue cannot be fixed until the lawyers are stripped of their ability to ruin the Nation for their own benefit.

  24. Stephine Rennick says:

    I like everything that you folks are up too. Keep up the wonderful work guys, I have included you in my blogroll.

  25. Neil Gillespie says:

    Hello Les, here is a story where The Florida Bar let former attorney Dennis Correa resign with leave to reapply after 5 years. Correa was convicted of stealing over $900,000 from trust funds. Read more here. Neil Gillespie

  26. Paul Preston says:

    I would like be able to send a package of lawyer regulation abuse. Is there a way to attach a file or do I just cut ande paste

  27. anon biz listener says:

    Good Morning, Great radio show and your site looks great too, I can tell how much time you have put into it. I am going to save it and will make sure to check weekly.

  28. Jeezy says:

    I think this blog’s format is done pretty good.

  29. Donald stone says:

    Dear Les – Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed on your show last Thursday.

    I would like to correct the mistake I made in stating the number of defendants in my FL. RICO and MD. RICO as over 100, somewhere between 130 or 140 (this was incorrect).

    The correct number was closer to 90 defendants in my FL. RICO and 90 plus defendants in my MD. RICO, where I added a couple of federal prosecutors out of Miami, Thomas E. Scott and Maureen Donlan and a patent attorney, Melvin Blecher from the Washington D.C. patent law firm of Foley & Lardner.

    Since the interview I have sent you documents that support my comments that were made on your show.

    I did talk to Eliot Bernstein about your offer to discuss the issues of patents on your show and we would both be happy to contribute.

    Having been involved in these matters since late 1993 (almost 17 years) there is a great need to hold these members of the Florida Bar accountable for their misconduct.

    Yesterday I completed and had notarized an Affidavit to testify under oath at a Grand Jury proceeding (hopefully in the immediate future) and have sent you a copy as a PDF file.

    Please feel free to post any of the documents I have sent you and my Affidavit on your website.

    Thanks again for the interview and I support you and your efforts 110%.

    Best Regards,
    Donald Stone

  30. Latonya Spann says:

    Hey buddy, I was just viewing the internet search few stuff and came across your page. I am engraved by the content that you own on this blog. It manifests how well you understand this subject. Bookmarked this blog, will come back for more. You, my friend, ROCK!!!

  31. Robert Gallegas says:

    I dont know what to say. It is surely one of the superior blogs Ive go through. Youre so insightful, have a lot real things to bring to the table. I hope that more people examine this and get what I got from it: chills. Good job and great blog. I cant wait to read far more, keep them comin!

  32. Donald Stone says:

    Would catching US DOJ lawyers lying in US Southern District Court of Florida, (federal court) trying to white wash criminal activities as a business dispute qualify for comments on your radio program ?

    I have the court documents as proof.

    It involves the following US DOJ employees:

    1. US Attorney Southern District of Florida (name was floated as possible director of FBI by GW

    2. US Attorney for Maryland

    3. Chief of White Collar Crimes US DOJ Maryland

    4. Assistant US Attorney Maryland

    5. US DOJ attorney Bankruptcy Trustee Program

  33. Larry Benson says:

    Thanks twice, Les, for both interviews. As I told you and the listeners, my direct ecperience with the bar was to bury legitimate complaints of lawyer fraud or malpractice which resulted in criminal conduct as well as unethical/illegal. The problem most people have is they trust lawyers and believe the bar will do justice when a lawyer violates and breaches his or her sworn and fiduciuary (paid) duty and the reust placed in them by a client and/or the trust placed in them by the publice when in an official capacity to seek instead of sabotaging justice.

    The truth is that the bar protects the lawyers from sanction and refuses to protect the people agaisnt the mis and malpractice of the person whio puts him or herself out there as their “knight” Esq., and despite the rules requiring ;laswyers to turn in these lawet and judicial breachers, the bar attacks them when do.

    As I also mentioned, the problem this cancer, is much wider and infects the judiciary as well, whose oversight is the JQC which is also attached to the Supreme Court, but is also without control.

    There is legislative and other oversight, but it refuses to oversee. Unfortunately, its victims never find out how badly they have been violated until it’s too late and then cannot or are allowed their constitutinal right to access to the courts and the legal processes to fix it, in a MEANINGFUL” vs. pro forma way.

    That is why we need a civilian oversight of the bar abd the JQC because the people are the constitutional soverigns of the stat4e, not the bar or the JQC or the Supreme Court or the House Committees who also refuse to prosecute the very laws they write or the judges for not following the lawsa the legislature passes.

    Not only will I testify before a grand jury on this “honest services fraud” and “obstructing justice,” but to actual criminal acts under color of law including kidnapping, false imprisonment conspiracy to commit both, human trafficing and other offenses that I have accumulated undeniable “proof positive, presumption great” evidence of.

    Thanks for all you are doing. Once the listeners become aware of this incipid disease they are effectively kept in the dark about, the offensiveness will sink in to the point of demanding action because ANY ONE of them may be the next victim.

  34. Mark A. Adams JD/MBA says:

    Thank you for having me on your show and for your efforts to expose the corruption in the Bar and the justice system.

    Following is some of the information which we talked about in case you want to link to it:

    The Constitution provided us with the means to control the government, but the two most powerful means for holding the government accountable have been stolen. If you want to know what those two means of controlling our government are and how those in government get away with violating our rights and ignoring our wishes, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? at and don’t miss my 18 minute speech.

    Every day, right here in the “good” old USA, hundreds of Americans are beaten and raped by U.S. “law” enforcement and an average of two are murdered by U.S. “law” enforcement. If you don’t believe me, see the admissions by Congress and the DOJ in my article Why does the U.S. Government Torture People? at

    If you take a look, you’ll learn why they get away with violating our rights, abusing their power, and committing horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stated that Bar associations had the potential to become goose-stepping brigades. Lathrop v. Donohue, 367 U.S. 820, 884 (1961) at Justices Douglas and Black dissented in Lathrop beginning at 866. Most importantly, Justices Douglas and Black were concerned that mandatory Bar associations would be used to control lawyers, prohibit challenges to the establishment, and cover up misconduct by powerful interests. It sure looks like they were right.

    I was prosecuted to cover up election fraud and judicial corruption in Florida, see “Justice” in Florida’s Supreme Court!?! at and don’t miss the links below the video.

    For more about this corruption, see:

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s June 25, 2004 letter to the Florida Bar asking it to address my complaint to the FDLE about felonies committed by self-proclaimed connected attorneys. Naturally, like with my complaints to the FBI, the FDLE, and others who are supposed to enforce the law, no action has been taken. As you can see, the law means nothing if you have to beg a prosecuting prince to enforce it.

    My letter to the Inspector General for Florida’s Attorney General’s Office requesting a criminal investigation.

    My Answer Brief in the “State” of Florida’s illegal appeal of the extortionate criminal contempt charges leveled against me to shut me up. Skip to page 14 to see the law applied to the facts and the really good stuff begins on page 21.

    The Rule of Law web site has the background on my case at” rel=”nofollow”> as does the North Country Gazette at

    Also, you might enjoy my speech titled “No Justice, No Peace” given at the National Judicial Reform Conference at Rice University in Houston, Texas. See it at

    Let me know if you want me to do another show some time. The Florida Bar is involved in corruption across the state, and I often hear about it.

    Thank you again for your efforts to shed some light on these issues.

    Highest regards,

    Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

    P.S. I’m active in the media, election, and judicial reform movements. Check out a 3 minute video about some of my work at Also, I’m one of the featured writers on The Daily Censored which is the blog for the premier media watchdog organization, Project Censored. See for more about my work and see for the archives of my articles posted on The Daily Censored.

  35. John Caravella says:

    Dear Mr. Winston:

    Thank you for your phone call this morning.

    Regarding your question about the web site; that web site is dedicated to and by friends of an elderly lady who became a ward under guardianship. The issue of absolution/immunity is reportedly as an ongoing investigation to determine its propriety and once that issue has been determined the future involvement of the Florida Bar may come into play. Hopefully there will be a way to inform you of that progress once that time comes.

    As we discussed, I do not have any personal experience with the FL Bar, except through a deceased friend as we discussed. I do not believe it would be appropriate to publicly discuss his experience without you being able to verify his facts.

    I can point you toward a web site that will provide you information that was uncovered as a result of my friend’s concerns, which I understand were reported by him to the FL Bar with a finding of “no cause” regarding the actions of then Attorney Gus Bilirakis, now U.S. Congressman Gus Bilirakis:


    John Caravella
    (352) 332-1206

  36. Angela Woodhull says:

    “Only” $2,000.00???? I’d be VERY SURPRISED if the litigation was confined to a bill of “only” $2,000.00. However, I would NOT BE SURPRISED if your attorneys’ fee bill was at least 10 times that much in the end. You might want to join Jan Bergemann’s Cyber Citizens for Justice and also Mark Benson. Both of them fight for Condo and HOA reform. There’s also a woman who publishes AHRC from California–also quite good. These frustrating situations are quite common all over the nation. AW

  37. JOHN DAMICO says:

    4 condo buildings completed, united and submitted as one 1973-4 in Broward County record books. Current lawyer is charging current volunteers on board an average or $1,000.00 month with advise to unite us as one; even though we became one before 1985 when the new law to unite came into effect. He will not discuss this with me because I am not a Board Member. I wrote to the Florida State Attorney General who suggested I get my own atty., which I did and paid him $500.00 for a Letter he sent, But when the condo lawyer rejected his letter, my lawyer said we must go to court and it will probably cost at least $2,000.00 more. please advise.